Our Mission

Nuku Studio is a space, an institution, a community that is strongly connected to the place it finds itself in – Ghana. It provides an innovative and productive support system for sustainable artistic and professional photographic practice.

Nuku Studio creates and grows a self-sustained photography community and network. It provides the Ghanaian photography community with a safe space to meet, experiment, exchange, inspire and be inspired, and grow. Its protected space is open to all creatives and visual artists and invites especially women and the LGBTI community to be part.


Nuku Studio brings together emerging and established photographers, encouraging them to find their very own voice. It is a space for learning, teaching and mentorship.

Nuku Studio is a springboard for these creative artists into the world. It connects the local photography community with the broader global scene through international partnerships, for example with World Press Photo Foundation.

Nuku Studio is convinced of the power of story-telling and the power of photography as a means to document and stimulate societal change. Nuku Studio showcases visual stories from Ghana, Africa and beyond that are meaningful and told responsibly.

Nuku Studio is about photography that defines the future – its photographers integrate their vision of the future into their work. Creating the future also means reclaiming and conserving our history. Creative cultural contributors are key contributors to this process.

All of Nuku’s activities are geared towards this vision: photography and research projects, collaborations and partnerships, exhibitions and publications, archiving and conservation activities, photographic debates and conferences, portfolio reviews, residencies and festivals, and more.

Ghana-based, Nuku Studio builds on more than two decades of experience in photography practice locally and globally. Evolving from Nuku Café, Nuku Studio was established by photographer Nii Obodai in 2015. Since then, it has grown thanks to a dedicated team consisting of some of Ghana’s most innovative photographers.