Portfolio Reviews

As part of its mission to support talent development, Nuku Studio, together with its partners, organises regular portfolio reviews for photographers at all stages of their career. The participating photographers take away valuable feedback on how to develop their photography projects conceptually and artistically, and how to build a brand for themselves. These meet-ups also help build a strong and active photo community in Ghana.

"In a world that is rapidly evolving and changing permanent learning is now more necessary than ever before. The meet-up at Nuku Studio was a great learning experience for all of us and has brought us all an enriching experience. I'm confident that it is a start of more things to come soon," said Lars Boering, Managing Director of World Press Photo Foundation after the first portfolio review session in 2018.


September 2018

This second Nuku portfolio review took part during the Nuku Photo Festival, and was open to all photographers, Ghanaian and international, based in Ghana.

Reviewers included: photographers Nana Kofi Acquah, Nii Obodai, and Leke Alabi-Isama, Marc Prüst (Nuku Photo Festival), David Campbell (World Press Photo Foundation), and Dr Stacie CC Graham (Colour Balance Images).


May 2018

In May 2018, Nuku Studio, together with World Press Photo Foundation, organised the first Portfolio Review and Meet-Up for photographers in Ghana. Some 20 young photographers based in Ghana and working across all photographic fields participated to have their portfolios reviewed by Lars Boering, Managing Director of World Press Photo Foundation (The Netherlands), and photographers Sarah Waiswa (Uganda), Nii Obodai (Ghana) and Nana Kofi Acquah (Ghana).